Poem: “Acne” – Namkyu Oh

  I wipe the mirror when I’m done. There is a civil war happening on my face. I take my fingernails and decapitate a row of whiteheads lining my cheek. Pus-filled fireworks tear the sky when I walk my nails to my nose and exhume the bodies. A geyser of off-white limbs spit from my oil-slicked gravesite. I confuse my smile for a cemetery. The freckles of blood dry up the way roses for a forgotten grandmother do. Ten pus-filled […]

Affection from Heart

Imagine, if you have a son, what toys will you buy for him? And if you have a daughter, what toys will you buy for her? I bet that you might be thinking of legos or trucks for your son, and barbies for your daughter. You might be thinking of pink for your daughter and blue for your son. This is a mindset that is very difficult change. Why? This is often the mindset of parents: colors, toys, and clothes […]